All about our trainings

Do you want to understand your audience and truly connect with them? Do you want to learn how to construct an appealing story? Do you want to work on your tone of voice? Do you want to work on the effectiveness of your body language? Do you want to master the art of responding to tough and critical questions?

We provide one day or multiple-day training in a small group to teach you thoroughly the skills and knowledge you are looking for. The training programs are suitable for both beginning and advanced speakers.

Training takes place at our inspirational WeWork Amsterdam locations, your office, or through online video conferences (MS Teams or Zoom). The specifics dates and further information is TBD, but do not hesitate to indicate your interest through the form below.

The minimum and maximum size for a training is 3 to 6 persons.

Pricing: €400 per day per participant (excluding VAT).

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