All about our masterclass

Are you looking for an efficient session, within your office or online, to learn the essentials of public speaking?

During a masterclass of 60-120 minutes you will gain tips and tricks, including, but not limited to (i) how to prepare your story, (ii) how to start a presentation, and (iii) how to speak and move while presenting.

This masterclass is not an ordinary boring monologue, it rather represents a fun, interactive and challenging session with your team. After this masterclass you will change your view on delivering a powerful presentation; like many other professionals who followed this masterclass with great enthusiasm.

Some of the masterclass topics:
– Opening techniques
– Memorizing speeches
– Practice pauses
– Designing slides
– Answering tough questions

The minimum and maximum size for a masterclass is 4 to 10 persons.

Pricing: €100-200 per person (excluding VAT), depending on size of the group and duration of the masterclass.

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