Deniz Canpolat

Founder Obloma and Coach

One day I was riding my bicycle in Amsterdam and suddenly realized I was cycling next to Frank Rijkaard. The Dutch icon who’s had an admirable football career. He won the great Champions League with Ajax as a player, and then with Barcelona as a coach where he also inspired the legend Messi. I decided to strike up a conversation and politely but casually greeted him: “Hello, Mr Rijkaard…“. Although at first Frank seemed hesitant to start up a conversation with a stranger, on the strength of my natural way of speaking and sincere interest we ended up having a great chat. We talked about football and our experiences of playing at Ajax when we were young. After a while cycling together, we realized we needed to go in separate directions and we said our goodbyes.

My message with this story is that no matter who is in front of you, in every interaction or presentation it all comes down to connecting with your audience in a relaxed and genuine way. Just like I connected with Frank by being myself, I believe the best way to connect with any audience is through authenticity. I am passionate to share my knowledge and experience to help you build your story, voice and body language together with retaining the integrity of your authentic self. That is why my mission as a coach is to first find your natural voice and use this as the base to start improving your speaking skills.

Proven Performance

Public Speaker and Coach

  • Certified Public Speaking Coach
    (NOBCO & EMCC standards)
  • Membership Toastmasters Frankfurt:
    Won several 1st-speaker prizes
  • United Netherlands Public Speaking Program:
    2nd prize in speaking tournament

Pitching Persuasion

Dedicated Dealmaker

  • 11 years ING Bank as Associate Director Structured Acquisition Finance
  • Closed many deals through pitching and negotiating banking propositions to clients
  • Completed the 3-year ING International Talent Program including a wide range of (personal skills) trainings in a cross-cultural context

Cultivated Curiosity

People, Business and Academics

  • Understanding client needs by meeting dozens of executive teams and (private equity) investors
  • Thorough evaluation of >100 business models from all industries and company sizes accompanied with management presentations
  • Graduated with 3 bachelor and 3 master programs at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (finance, law, public administration and philosophy)