“Be a natural born speaker instead of an artificial raised presenter”

OBLOMA was founded in 2019 and represents the imaginary well-spoken son of our Russian fictional hero Oblomov. We are proud to be the underdog in the public speaking world. Our aspiration is to be a reputable international player within the field, helping you to deliver quality with that creative edge to set you apart whilst retaining professionalism. Our mission is to help you develop your speaking abilities and enrich them with key qualities through focusing on our three core beliefs below.

Speak Naturally

Have you ever wondered why old and wise people on the streets are so interesting to listen to? In this hyper technological society with overwhelming information and online communication, we have forgotten the fundamental power of simple natural conversations. By bringing communication back to basics, we will capitalize on your strength as a natural born speaker.

Do the Unexpected

Many presenters follow conventions and perform in a way that is decent and expected. Yet, how often have you attended proper presentations while being bored at the same time? We teach you to be different and to follow an unusual route. We challenge you to be creative and unexpected. This way you deliver a message that keeps the attention of your audience.

Embrace the Unknown

Why should you get rid of your fear and tension from public speaking? Why should you be fully in control when giving a presentation? Feeling anxiety is part of our identity, experiencing insecurity is part of our life. We believe your true personality makes you authentic. We show you that being spontaneous makes you stand out on stage. Are you ready for the jump?